About Melissa Johnson Psychic Medium

About Melissa Johnson Psychic Medium

Melissa Johnson is a native of New Zealand. Born into a Maori family where this ability has been passed down through the generations. It was through my grandmother who was a natural Healer and Medium that the spirit world was revealed to me from a a young age. It wasn’t until later in my life that I was fully aware that I could communicate with the spirit world and my clairvoyant sight of knowing things about people – past, present, future was literally switched on over night. Although this gift has been passed down through my family, Ive still had to work hard over the years to perfect, refine and nuture my abilities and strengthen my link with spirit world where now it has become a natural part of my everyday life.

Melissa has been working professionally as a Psychic Medium for 20 years, helping clients throughout the world.

As a Teacher

Melissa has been teaching Courses, Workshops and running development circles on the Psychic and Mediumship Arts for 20 years.

She has been interested in Metaphysic’s and Healing all her life and has studied with Dolores Cannon, Sonia Croquette, Dr Brian Wiess, Doreen Virtue, Angela Mc Guinnes (tutor Arthur Findley College), Tony Stockwell (tutor Arthur Findley College), Craig Leith, Jim Gerassimou. Melissa also had the privilege of studying under a Hawaiian Shaman in Hawaii which was life changing.

When Melissa first realised she could connect with the after life so began her journey of development. Melissa took every opportunity to use her Psychic and Mediumship abilities, reading at Psychic fairs, Mind Body Spirit expo’s, Victoria Spiritualist Church venues (VSU), Various new age shop’s, International Psychic phone line. To eventually setting up her own business as a professional Psychic Medium.

Melissa is passionate about facilitating and empowering others with their own spiritual journey and as a Teacher brings her own personal experience’s, effective tools and knowledge that have assisted her to be the best she can be.

“You don’t have to be born gifted to have Psychic abilities or to be able to connect with the spirit world, it is innate within each and everyone of us it is our birthright.

So by having an open mind and an open heart, trust in yourself and in the spirit world, you will find that the metaphysical world will be revealed to you in it’s own natural way”

Melissa Johnson