Mediumship and Psychic Readings with Melissa Johnson

Psychic Readings

Can cover any of the following areas:

  • Love, Family, Relationships
  • Travel, Relocation
  • Lifepath, Purpose and Career
  • Spirituality and spiritual growth, Development
  • Finance
  • Health

How Melissa works?

All information is channelled and psychically retrieved by Melissa – relating to past, present and future. I work with my guides to bring through the highest possible guidance and insights. I will attempt to interpret the information that is passed onto me by spirit to the best of my abilities. I will never give information that might disturb clients nor will I pass on negative or morbid predictions.

I do not use tarot cards nor do I need to have a picture or object to assist you, however if you feel more comfortable bringing or providing a photo or object let Melissa know.

This is not Fortune Telling

I am not a fortune teller and my work is not centred on predictions. Although it is possible for future insight to be shown to me based on the clients current circumstances. The future is not set in stone and can change at anytime, depending on our thoughts, actions and the choices we make.

What to bring to a Psychic Reading?

A list of questions, we find clients get a much more accurate and detailed reading if they bring questions.

Mediumship Sitting

I recommend waiting a minimum of 3 months after a loved one has passed before having a consultation with me. As intense grief can block communication from those in spirit.

As a Medium I have the ability to sense and communicate with loved ones that are now in the spirit world. The link is made through my energy body (aura). Those in spirit will impress my auric field with this information, validating who they were while on the earth plane and their relationship to the sitter. I will interpret the information received by using a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentiesce, clairknowing.

As an evidential Medium I will ask those in the spirit world to provide me with as many details as possible, so they may describe what they looked like on the earth plane, their personality, anniversary dates, names, etc.

No prior information is required from sitter regarding loved ones passed, just to validate the information that I am given through the sitting with an occassional yes or no response.

As a Medium I do not have control over the spirit world (as the same laws of free will apply their). I am just the channel or the operator that makes the connection possible. So if you are looking for a specific individual I cannot guarantee that they will come through (however this is rarely the case).

It’s important not to come with any expectations about what you want to hear from those in spirit to prove or validate the experience for you (for example you may have asked a loved one to tell me what their favourite song was and if this piece of information is not brought through then all other information will be disregarded). Remember I have no control over what information comes through from spirit. It can take a lot of energy and effort from those in the spirit world to make the connection with me and pass on information to their loved ones here on the earth plane, so this needs to be acknowledged and appreciated.

So for the consultation to flow more easily please come with an open mind, free of expectation.

“As a Medium I do not claim the right nor does spirit to make decisions for you about your life. The Psychic Readings that I give are for guidance purposes only. You will always have free will to make choices that are right for you and your life.”

Book a Reading

Melissa is available for in person readings in Melbourne or on telephone/Skype internationally. All clients must have an appointment.

In Person Readings

Melbourne Studio

233 Barkly Street
St Kilda VIC 3182
Melbourne, Australia

Mobile: +61 4885 18767

Perth Studio

156 Rockingham Rd
Hamilton Hill WA 6163
Perth, Australia

Mobile: +61 4885 18767

To book a In Person Readings please call us on +61 4885 18767 or fill the On-Line Form

Telephone & Skype Readings

If you live at a distance or if you want the convenience of getting a reading without leaving your home Melissa will give you a telephone reading. A telephone reading is the same as an in person reading, there is no difference. Melissa reads with just as much accuracy and detail as she would if you were sitting in front of her.

We pay the cost of the call. Melissa will call you on the day of your appointment, at any number that is convenient to you. You will have a tentative appointment upon booking. Upon payment you will receive confirmation of your appointment.

Phone/Skype readings must be paid for at least 2-3 days in advance to allow for electronic transfer funds to occur between banks and for confirmation of payment.

To book a Phone/Skype Readings please call us on +61 4885 18767 or fill the On-Line Form


Payments can be made either with:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Internet Bank Transfer
  • Deposit Into Bank
  • Cash

Telephone and Skype Readings must be payed in advance. We don’t accept cash payments for that services.