Develop Psychic Abilities with Melissa Johnson

Mentoring Program with Melissa Johnson

Melissa has put together a unique step by step Mentoring Program drawing on over 20 years experience as a Professional Psychic Medium and Teacher. You will be offered guidance and support with the following area’s and so much more!

  • Techniques to help overcome fear and doubts that may block your good work with Readings
  • Strengthening your link with those in the Spirit world and holding that connection
  • Setting up your own business as a Psychic and or Medium
  • What to expect as a working Medium
  • How to improve your Psychic Readings
  • Techniques to increase your Psychic Energy
  • Techniques for becoming a clearer channel
  • The importance of Energetic Cleansing
  • Improving your Mediumship
  • Starting out as a Teacher
  • How to run circles
  • Reading for the public
  • The importance of Meditation
  • How to Meditate

Book our Mentoring Program

Melissa is available for in person mentorship in Melbourne or on telephone/Skype internationally. All clients must have an appointment.

In Person Mentorship

Melbourne Studio

233 Barkly Street
St Kilda VIC 3182
Melbourne, Australia

Mobile: +61 4885 18767

Perth Studio

156 Rockingham Rd
Hamilton Hill WA 6163
Perth, Australia

Mobile: +61 4885 18767

To book a In Person Mentorship please call us on +61 4885 18767 or fill the On-Line Form

Telephone & Skype Mentorship

If you live at a distance or if you want the convenience of getting a reading without leaving your home Melissa will give you a telephone reading. A telephone reading is the same as an in person reading, there is no difference. Melissa reads with just as much accuracy and detail as she would if you were sitting in front of her.

We pay the cost of the call. Melissa will call you on the day of your appointment, at any number that is convenient to you. You will have a tentative appointment upon booking. Upon payment you will receive confirmation of your appointment.

Phone/Skype Mentorships must be paid for at least 2-3 days in advance to allow for electronic transfer funds to occur between banks and for confirmation of payment.

To book a Phone/Skype Mentorship please call us on +61 4885 18767 or fill the On-Line Form


Payments can be made either with:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Internet Bank Transfer
  • Deposit Into Bank
  • Cash

Telephone and Skype Mentorship Programs must be payed in advance. We don’t accept cash payments for that services.