Testimonials for Melissa Johnson Psychic Medium

Here’s a list of some of our clients testimonials about Readings and Workshops. Thank you so much to all of you.

About Readings…

At first thought, the idea of connecting with a loved one via a Medium can be exciting. It gives you hope to make that long yearning connection. That connection you feel you’ve been struggling so hard to make. Although approaching a Medium to help make that spiritual connection is not something you do very often, understandably the idea can be a little nerve wrecking. You just don’t know what to expect. So Many thought’s go through your mind like will my loved one make contact, will the Medium I am using be strong enough to make that connection or what If my reading is not successful. Well…my result during my sitting with Melissa Johnson was nothing short of spectacular. Her accuracy and detail on situations, people and events in my life both past and present was amazing.

In meeting Melissa all feelings of anxiety and nervousness were gone. I had an instant feeling of care and calm. It’s really important to have that feeling with the person you approach to make that connection with your loved one. I knew I was in good hands!

Melissa was instantly able to understand I was there to connect with my mum, she felt it in less than 30 seconds into my sitting. Bare in mind Melissa had no details of mine. Not even a last name. It was naturally a spirit-to-spirit connection.

In connecting with my mums spirit she was able to confirm her name, details of my dad, their relationship, my relationship, my sister, my beloved uncle and most surprisingly Melissa was able to confirm my mums very soft spoken personality, her gentleness, a trademark that she was well known for. Her ability to pick that up was amazing.

I’ve called alot of family over the last week discussing what Melissa had confirmed during the reading and to put it shortly, there were alot of tears on the other end of the phone.

Thank you Melissa. I am genuinely thankful I found you.


Antonio, Melbourne – Australia

I have been so lucky to be able to have some readings with Melissa over the last couple of years. I have been very pleased and happy with the readings Ive had. It has helped me in difficult times, through making decisions and also in the grief process with my dear grandmother. At first I was amazed of what she could tell me. I hadn’t ever said anything and she already had an idea what was going on. The way she is able to describe people and situations that is so close to reality is incredible. I have now moved overseas and I still contact Melissa for help and will continue to in the future.

Katrine (Doctor of Chiropractic), Norway

Melissa has helped me to realise who I really am and what I truly want. She gave me the strength to go through the most difficult time of my life by her amazing psychic reading, her understanding and healing ability. I feel so fortunate to have found her to clarify my path.

Yuko Ishihara, Japan

I visited Melissa Johnson for a reading wanting to connect with my loved ones. I didn’t have any expectations as I had never been to a clairvoyant before.

My first impression of Melissa was one of warmth and sincerity. As soon as I walked into Melissa’s house there was an instant sense of calm that came over me. My nerves dispersed and I settled in for my reading. What transpired was truly amazing! Melissa not only was able to contact one of my loved ones, but managed to make contact with several very important family members. The messages Melissa relayed to me through spirit, only myself and the departed could have known.

I came away from the reading feeling great comfort from being able to connect with people that I so desperately miss and knowing that they are happy in the after life. Melissa is a genuine soul who truly has a unique gift. Thank you so much Melissa for allowing me to be close to people I loved and lost and for sharing your beautiful gift with me.

Julie, VIC – Australia

Melissa has positively touched my heart and has helped me to find peace within myself after tragically losing my beautiful brother Steven at such a young age. Once Melissa tunes in she works like an angel to assist with unsolved answers and quickly confirms characteristics, personalities from my family that have crossed over to the other side as well as events that have taken place, with accuracy.

I now celebrate my brother’s life by sharing all of the love he gave me with my three children. Melissa has a natural gift that has provided a sense of peace and comfort to me and I highly recommend Melissa to you. Melissa thank you.

Helen, VIC – Australia

I first encountered Melissa by chance some time back when she was working from a shop in St Kilda. The first thing that struck me about her was an overwhelming sense of warmth and compassion. The first part of my reading completely blew me away when she immediately focused on what was at the time the most important area in my life, which prior to the reading she knew nothing about. Melissa works by passing on messages and advice from the spirits she works with. I was so impressed I ended up extending my 40 minute reading to a full hour.

Although I live in NSW, I have made the trip to Melbourne specifically to consult with Melissa since my initial visit and plan to do so again sometime soon. I cannot recommend Melissa too highly for anyone seeking perspective and a deeper understanding of where there at in life.

Peter, NSW – Australia

I had the pleasure of having a psychic reading with Melissa at the Melbourne “Mind Body Spriti” festival in June 2008. I knew she was genuine when she said to me, “No don’t tell me anything” after I started to tell her I felt like I was at cross roads about work. Straight away after sitting down with her, the information started flowing through her from spirit. I lost all doubt as soon as she said to me that I was a consultant.  It was funny because I’m actually a qualified lawyer, but at the time was working as a consultant.

From then on it was a constant stream of accuracy. I was a little surprised Melissa didn’t use tarot or other cards and that she just closed her eyes and let it all come to her and come to her it did!  The messages just flowed through her like a conduit, giving me specific information and guidance.

She’s a gentle soul, with such goodness in her and the reading she gave me left me feeling positive, hopeful and with a clear idea on the things that I should be considering. I have no doubt that Melissa is genuinely gifted in the Psychic Medium realm and has clear lines of communication with her Guides and Angels.

Peta-Gai, VIC – Australia

About Teaching…

Thank you Melissa for the skills and fun I have gained doing your one day workshop. As an Energy Therapist I realised after taking part in your workshop how important it is to cleanse energetically daily. I really enjoyed all the hands on work we did on the day. As a result I have retained everything I learnt. The new skills are now part of my life forever. I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future.

Jenni Mears (Whole Brain Healing), Melbourne – Australia

Thank you for the time, energy and passion you put into the Psychic Development workshop you held at Human Nature. I learnt a great deal on the day and have put some of the new wisdom into practise. It is wonderful to know that people such as yourself can reassure, nurture and encourage people to enhance, develop and move forward in “ONE” quest. We all carry such wisdom which is locked in our DNA and it is wonderful to tap into SOURCE. Dear Melissa – Thank you!

Veronica, Melbourne – Australia

I was fortunate to attend a course run by Melissa Johnson. Melissa is a warm and friendly teacher, with a gift for following the sacred. She is knowledgeable, experienced and a talented guide for people with an interest in expanding their lives. Melissa gave us practical tools for developing our intuition. The meditations went very deep and Melissa evokes the wisdom of the ancestors with gentle aplomb. Melissa is grounded and realistic. I would recommend Melissa for any one wishing to develop their intuition to improve their life, wether personally or professionally.

David Arenson, South Africa

My first ever Meditation and Psychic circle participation was with Melissa at the beginning of last year. Melissa was able to lead me and all the circle members in a safe and nurturing way that facilitated an awareness and enlightenment of various spiritual aspects of our lives, be it Mediumship, Healing or Psychic intuition and Readings.

Under Melissa’s guidance I am continuing to develop along my spiritual path in a way that I or any other could not have previously imagined. Irrespective of what your spiritual needs and objectives are. I know Melissa will be able to gently guide you and lead you in your search for the elusive balance in your existence.

John, Melbourne – Australia

Melissa is a wonderful teacher, her Meditation and development classes have given me much more confidence with my connection with my spirit guides. I have also a lot more energy from the Meditations and have also developed my intuition and Psychic abilities. Thank you very very much Melissa.

Irina, Melbourne – Australia

When I started the development class I wasn’t sure what exactly I hoped to gain, but my development over the 8 weeks has exceeded my expectations. Every week in class we covered a new topic, so the class was always interesting and it was exciting to develop our skills. I enjoyed the class so much that I have continued my spiritual journey in a development circle with Melissa.

Emma, Ireland (living in Melbourne – Australia)

The eight week development class has allowed me to connect with a world I thought only “gifted people” had the privilege of being a part of. Melissa is such a warm and caring person that the atmosphere in class is encouraging and supportive. This has certainly given me confidence to trust in and continue to develop in my own abilities.

Ashleen, Ireland (living in Melbourne – Australia)

I attended Melissa’s course on Psychic development a few years ago. I did not have much expectation and the flow of life sent me there. Melissa’s approach is so down to earth, grounded and centred and taught me to trust in the things that I have always known, and to recognise the signs around me as no coincidence. Through doing this course my abilities astounded me and I gained much confidence and trust in the messages I received. Melissa also taught me techniques to connect to spirit and also ground and protect me, these skills have enabled me to control when I want to connect with spirit. The whole experience was a surprising and very positive one. Melissa’s approach is very professional and everyone can gain something from learning to listen to their intuition and inner voice.

Colleen Butterfield, Melbourne – Australia